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High precision bearings adapted to the highest European quality standards. Covers all industrial applications, including heavy industry, agricultural, energy, and railway mass transit.

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The group manufactures bearing solutions worldwide and specializes in industrial and automotive applications.

It is comprised of three brands: Fersa Bearings, NKE Bearings and A&S Bearings. Together, they have over 80 years of experience in the design, production and distribution of high quality bearings for diverse applications.

  • NKE Headquarter in Steyr

    About NKE

    NKE AUSTRIA GmbH – a manufacturer of premium bearings – was founded in 1996 by a group of senior staff members of the former company Steyr Wälzlager. Within a decade, the NKE brand has emerged on the world bearing market as a significant alternative in the premium class.

    We offer both standard and special bearings for all industrial applications as well as technical services, including product development, application engineering, consulting, documentation and training.

    NKE’s core functions – such as engineering, product development, final processing of components, modular assembly, quality assurance, logistics, sales and marketing – are centralised at our headquarters in Steyr, Austria. The site is certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and IS45001. In April 2006, NKE was awarded the Austria Quality Seal in recognition of its high quality standards.

    Today, NKE bearings are distributed in more than 60 countries through over 240 distributors and 18 international representative offices.

  • Vision / Mission

    We overachieve expectations

    What we do want to see is that we understand the expectations of our customers (can be both internal and/or external) and think deeply about how we can overachieve the expectations by finding solutions to their problems and making their lives easier. The focus should be on pain areas the customer is facing, which should avoid the trap of over-engineering by providing solutions to problems the customer is not prioritizing. Oftentimes it is the small things that make the difference. Let’s look out for them!

    We value progress and development over perfection

    In our endeavours, we do not strive for perfection. Instead of asking “Is it perfect?” we ask “Is it safe to try?”. We focus on getting ahead and start the action. What counts is that we push ourselves to get better than yesterday, every day. We do not let fear of mistakes guide our actions, instead, we expose ourselves to challenges and see everything as an opportunity to grow.

    We are results-oriented. We go the extra mile

    With this virtue we do not mean that we should maximize the hours we work (see below). Instead of maximizing the input (hours spent) we care about performance. This can be defined differently for different departments (eg Sales higher revenue vs Engineering more innovative product), but the underlying principle can be applied universally. We are ambitious to move things forward and to deliver.

    We want our people to care about things

    With this virtue we do not mean that we should maximize the hours we work (see below). Instead of maximizing the input (hours spent) we care about performance. This can be defined differently for different departments (eg Sales higher revenue vs Engineering more innovative product), but the underlying principle can be applied universally. We are ambitious to move things forward and to deliver.

    We want our employees to care about:

    /   the quality of their work
    /   our mission
    /   growing together with the company
    /   moving the company ahead

    /   respectful behaviour within the company
        and outside of it
    /   keeping a commitment
    /   ... 

    Short: we want our people to care about things that matter to us, by having an opinion and not being indifferent, by voicing concerns, by contributing ideas, by making aware of bad developments!

    We take active ownership

    We want our employees to take ownership in the organization. For us this means that we are courageous in making decisions and acting as if we were the owners of the company. However, this also means that we openly voice our concerns if we see something that we disagree with. The manager this issue is brought up to has the responsibility to listen and consider your concerns. However, he/she may disagree. Once a decision is made, we expect that everyone sticks and commits to it.

    We can summarize this virtue with an example: On the one hand, there are companies, where employees ignore if there is trash on the floor, leaving it for someone else to pick it up. On the other hand, there are also companies, where people lean down to pick up the trash that they see. Picking up the trash is the metaphor for taking care of problems, small and large, and never thinking “that’s not my job.” We don’t have rules about picking up the real or metaphoric trash. We try to create a sense of ownership so that this behaviour comes naturally. 

  • Merger of two European bearing manufacturers

    Fersa Group

    Merger of two European bearing manufacturers

    Since January 2016 NKE Austria has been part of the Fersa Group.

    Fersa Group was created through the merger of two European bearing manufacturers: Fersa Bearings in Spain and NKE in Austria. Both are globally active in the design, production and distribution of high quality bearings for the global automotive and industrial markets.

    Over 50 years of manufacturing experience and the trust of leading OEMs, Tier 1 and the Aftermarket, endorse our products and services.

    The group is present on all five continents; with three state of the art factories, five distribution centers as well as three R&D centers, two in Europe and one in Asia, all of them supporting our growing presence in more than 85 countries.


  • History

    A Young Enterprise With Rich Traditions 

    Today NKE develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality bearings, which are distributed through international offices and 240 distributors in more than 60 countries.


    NKE celebrates 25th anniversary and 5 years of Fersa Group.


    Fersa Bearings acquires 100 percent of NKE Austria


    NKE celebrates its twentieth anniversary and holds its eight international distributor conference in Steyr, Austria.
    NKE Austria and FERSA bearings form strategic partnership FERSA bearings based in Zaragoza Spain, involved companies with 49% of the NKE.


    Market introduction of the NKE Agri units.


    Sales of 50 Million Bearing.


    NKE joins Research Association Power Transmission Engineering (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. - FVA).


    New headquarters is completed. NKE is awarded with the Gold Prize in the regional industry prize Pegasus and certified to OHSAS 180001.


    The construction of a new 10,000-m² headquarters beginns.


    NKE is awarded the Austria Quality Seal.


    In the third stage of the extension, the Steyr headquarters is extended to 4,600 m².


    The company name is changed to NKE AUSTRIA GmbH.


    The second stage in the extension of the office premises in Steyr is carried out.


    The first NKE international distributor conference is held on Mallorca, Spain.


    NKE exhibits for the first time at the Hannover Industrial Fair, one of the world’s major industrial trade shows.


    Due to rapid expansion, NKE constructs new headquarters on an area of over 2,000 m² of the company’s reserves of 14,000 m².


    NKE is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


    First international office is established in the UK.


    The NKE brand is registered internationally and the company NKE Wälzlager Vertriebsges.m.b.H., headquartered in Steyr, is established.


    A group of senior employees left Steyr Wälzlager after it was through SKF.

  • Subsidiaries


    NKE (Shanghai) Bearing Sales Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Hansen MAO
    Rm 1908, Dahua Sunny Days City, 425 Yishan Road,
    200072 Shanghai
    +86 21 6235 1038
    Fax: +86 21 6235 1068
    Mobile: +86 1380 187 2367

    United States of America

    Fersa-NKE Bearings North America, Inc.

    8079 Wales Road
    Northwood, OH 43619
    T: +1 567-661 0806
    F: +1 567-277 7800


    Fersa Bearings Brazil

    Av. Maringá 2546
    83325-360 Pinhais - PR
    +55 11 2325 3938


    Fersa Bearings Distribución Iberia

    Calle Bíbilis 7, Nave C
    50197 Zaragoza
    +34 (876) 2695 71
    F: +34 (876) 7686 31

  • NKE Austria GmbH

    The Steyr Site

    Home to our core competences

    NKE AUSTRIA’s headquarters is located in the traditional industrial town of Steyr in Upper Austria.
    This is where our core competences are based:

        • Application engineering and product development
        • Manufacture of components
        • Final processing of components and bearings
        • Modular component assembly
        • Quality assurance
        • Marketing and sales
        • Warehouse and logistics

    The new NKE headquarters in Steyr has a total of more than 10,000 m² of floor space, including 7,600 m² of production and warehousing premises.

    The site is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001.

    More information about the city of Steyr (external links)

  • Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

    Sustainable Growth

    For Future Generations


    We strive to minimise negative environmental impact in every aspect of our business - from product development, production, packaging, facilities management and waste disposal to daily operations such as documentation.

    The environmental management system at our Steyr site is certified to ISO14001. 


    Occupational safety is the cornerstone for effective workflows and motivated employees. NKE has designated safety officers and regular training sessions are held internally or by external experts to keep the employees up to date on all safety issues.

    The Steyr site is certified to ISO45001.

  • Facts and Figures

    Im Stadtgut C4, 4407 Steyr

    T: +43 (7252) 86667
    F: +43 (7252) 86667 59
    E: office@nke.at

    DVR-Nr.: 0861910
    HRB: FN 145391k
    UID: ATU40756605

    IBAN (EUR): AT89 1400 0001 1038 0003
    IBAN (USD): AT14 1400 0001 5181 3739

    Member of: The Austrian Economic Chambers