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NKE Bearings at Wind Europe 2024

. Klaus Pils

The company will be present at WIND EUROPE 2024, which will be held next week, from 20 to 22 March in Bilbao. There it will showcase its specialised products for wind turbine applications, such as its bearings for generators, gearboxes and main shafts.

Global warming represents one of the greatest threats to contemporary society and, against this backdrop, in recent years we have witnessed a growing commitment on the part of the European business community to promote the use of sustainable energy alternatives.

In this context, wind energy emerges as an optimal option, offering not only a renewable and clean energy source, but also opportunities to mitigate the impacts of climate change and promote the transition to a more sustainable future.

For this reason, NKE has become aware of the needs presented by the wind energy sector and has consequently strived to establish itself as a leading company in the sustainable manufacture of high performance bearings for wind turbine applications.

NKE's value proposition for Wind Europe 2024

The maintenance of wind turbines can present major challenges. For this reason, gearbox bearings must be exceptionally reliable in order to avoid possible malfunctions. NKE solutions are designed for installation in turbines with capacities ranging from 100 kilowatts to several megawatts.

Insulation in these devices is crucial, which is why NKE will be presenting its black oxide coated bearings at the show. This special treatment provides a protective coating on the functional surfaces of the application. Among other advantages, bearings with black oxide finish offer superior rolling and wear characteristics. In addition, for extremely demanding applications, NKE has a wide range of different materials and heat treatments that optimise bearing performance.

Wind turbine generators are also essential elements within the wind turbine architecture and, in these cases, have to work under extremely difficult conditions. In today's applications, bearings often have to withstand problems caused by electrical currents or discharges. NKE will also present its range of bearings with insulating coatings and hybrid bearings, which reduce friction and operating temperature, improving overall conditions and thus extending the life of the lubricant and the bearing itself. All of them have been designed to withstand the demands and diverse operating conditions expected by customers.

From 20-22 March, NKE Bearings will be present at Wind Europe 2024 in Bilbao, showcasing its value proposition for wind energy and the brand's innovation in bearing technology and customised solutions for the industry.