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NKE bearings for traction motors and railway gearboxes: Always on the right track

Over the years, NKE AUSTRIA has successfully gained approval from numerous renowned companies in the railway industries, including railway operators, service companies and OEM manufacturers.

Equipped with engineering know-how and manufacturing expertise, NKE can provide you with comprehensive bearing products and services.

Comprehensive commercial and technical services

NKE AUSTRIA provides a wide range of commercial and technical services, such as:

  • Technical application advice
  • Design consultations
  • Calculations
  • Tests
  • Logistic services (e.g. just-in-time delivery) to meet your demands. 

Traction motor bearings

Traction motor bearings must demonstrate long service life. The most frequently used bearing types are:

Gearbox bearings

Gearbox bearings operate under high speeds and loads, must endure shocks, vibrations and high temperatures. The most frequently used bearing types for gearboxes are:

NKE bearings for gearboxes and traction motors are usually produced with special specifications (e.g. SQ1 for traction motors).