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NKE AUSTRIA GmbH cooperates with BFI Upper Austria in apprentice training

. Janet Mo

Apprenticeship training is a top priority at NKE AUSTRIA. Due to the dynamic growth of the company on the one hand and the foreseeable shortage of skilled workers on the other hand, the management pays special attention to the issue of apprentices. The target was set that 10 percent of the workforce should be apprentices.

The seven apprentices currently in training will be joined by another seven in autumn 2008. Particularly pleasing is the fact that two of them are female apprentices in technical professions - a design engineer and a production technician - who are starting their careers at NKE.

In order to ensure that the apprentices receive good training in the long term, close cooperation was entered into with the BFI Upper Austria. With the apprenticeship workshop set up by BFI in Steyr-Gleink as of November 2008, NKE will be able to perfectly train in particular those apprentices who are learning metal apprenticeships.

"Apprenticeship training is a topic for the future, both for growth-oriented companies and for our society. Moreover, it is immense fun for me personally to follow the development of young people. We hope that this new BFI apprenticeship workshop will be used by many companies in the region. The talks with BFI so far have been extremely constructive and characterised by a high level of commitment on the part of those responsible. We are looking forward to the cooperation with BFI", says the commercial director of NKE AUSTRIA, Heimo Ebner.