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NKE develops large-size bearings for mining industry

. Janet Mo

NKE AUSTRIA supplies large-size bearings for a Central American ore dressing plant. When replacements were needed for the plant’s existing special bearings, NKE developed thrust ball bearings with a higher mechanical rigidity and static load capacity, reduced material load and simpler installation than their predecessors.

Because the bearings originally used in the ore dressing plant are no longer available from their manufacturer, a replacement for these custom bearings had to be found. The new large-size bearings were required to absorb high thrust loads at low speeds. To allow an easy installation, the bearing rings were to be made from several sections.

For use in the ore dressing plant, NKE developed full complement thrust ball bearings with an external diameter of 2540 mm. In the original version, the two bearing rings were split into six sections each; the rings of NKE’s new large-size bearings consist of only three segments. This has the advantage of reducing the time needed for installation as well as increasing the mechanical rigidity of the bearing bushes and cutting the number of joints to reduce the load on the material. While their external geometry and mounting dimensions remain unchanged, the bearings’ internal structure has been optimised to enhance their static loading capacity compared to the original bearings.

Beside the mining industry, NKE develops and produces standard and special bearings for all industrial applications. NKE’s products are distributed through 14 international representative offices and more than 240 distribution outlets in over 55 countries.