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Steyr - The romantic city with high quality of life

In general

Steyr - this city leaves nothing to be desired. The third biggest city in Upper Austria with almost 40,000 inhabitants is located directly where the rivers Steyr and Enns meet - this creates an atmosphere one could only dream of. Steyr offers not only a wide variety of sights and cultural highlights but also plenty of possibilities for leisure and recreational activities.

With over 1,600 national and international companies, Steyr is an important business location offering more than 24,000 workplaces.

The combination of country and urban living, fully developed infrastructure and cultural amenities make this city worth living in.


Steyr offers a wide range of schools with different focuses. Besides several junior high and secondary schools, there is also a school for higher technical education and a commercial college. Further education can be received either at the University of Applied Sciences (Campus Steyr or Wels) or at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.


To make the compatibility of career and family possible, there are plenty of childcare facilities in Steyr, such as day-care centres, kindergartens and day nannies. This enables a good work-life balance.


Steyr has a very good infrastructure. There is a public transport network, which makes it possible to reach every place in the city without a car and of course to get to the nearby cities. Furthermore Steyr is connected to the rail traffic of Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) with its own railway station. There is also a good connection to the major motorway A1. The next airport is in Linz.

Steyr's health system is also well structured. Besides plenty of medical specialists and general practitioners there is also a hospital.

Steyr has a few shopping malls and a hypermarket. Moreover the beautiful historic city centre provides a beautiful backdrop for a shopping tour.

A cinema, theatre, public indoor swimming pools and a lot of other attractions are located in Steyr.

Culture and leisure

The city is never lack of cultural and leisure activities. Especially in winter time Steyr, also known as the "Christkindlstadt" (home of the Christkind, the Ambassador of Christmas in Austria) is a place to be. In summer months, various events and activities make Steyr an especially lively city.

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