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Sustainable growth - For future generations

. Nicole Roll

Trees are considered the "green lungs" of cities. If we want the maximum summer temperatures in the city of Steyr to still be within a reasonably tolerable range 30 years from now, we need to start doing something about it now. That is why NKE supports the "1000 Trees" project.

Trees produce oxygen and provide clean, cool air conditioning for the city. Thus, the project "1000 Trees for Steyr" has set itself the goal of planting 1000 trees in the city area, which NKE is only too happy to support. 

In total, about 500 trees have been planted so far, 3 Norway maples are now allowed to provide fresh air at NKE Austria. 
NKE Austria is proud to be a part of the campaign "1000 Trees for Steyr". We set ourselves the goal of minimizing the environmental impact in all areas of activity and business - from product development and realization, packaging, building management and waste disposal to ongoing processes such as documentation. 

Together with our employees, we are committed to acting in an environmentally conscious and forward-thinking manner. Therefore we would like to thank our colleague Christian Kraus for this great idea and can set a sign that every little contribution for the environment and the future of our next generation is important. 

Companies, as well as private persons, have the possibility to take over tree sponsorships and thus make an important contribution for the future.
You would also like to support this great project - then you can find more information here: