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Record utilised capacity in the 1st quarter

. Nicole Roll

NKE Austria GmbH achieved record occupancy in the Quarter 2020: During this time, more than 1000 large bearings were manufactured in the plant Steyr.

Due to the flexible manufacturing strategy we can finish lot sizes from 10 to 500 pieces in the diameter range of 200-800mm of different types of bearings (DGB, CRB, TRB or SRB).

Our bearings are produced for a wide variety of applications, such as industrial and wind turbine gearboxes, generators, railway applications and many more.

Despite the current situation we are here for you!

With a workforce that is adapted to the requirements and by ensuring the health-related measures for our employees, we can, from today's perspective, ensure the smooth continuation of our activities and thus maintain the usual level of service for our customers.