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NKE wins award in “Women’s Advancement Initiative”

. Janet Mo

NKE AUSTRIA has won an award in the “Women’s Advancement Initiative” in Austria. The competition was initialised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. A prize of 10,000 euro was offered to each of ten companies who have submitted the best plans and measures to facilitate the advancement of women in the workplace.

The motto of the “Women’s Advancement Initiative” is “to renounce women means to abolish money”. All Austrian companies were invited to join the competition by submitting their concepts of women’s advancement programmes.

NKE AUSTRIA has implemented a comprehensive package for developing women’s positions in the company and is constantly expanding it. The bearing manufacturer has 40 percent women in the workforce, which is far above industry average. Women are also on the rise in the management - four of the nine department heads are female.

In order to enable women to balance job and family, NKE offers flexible working hours and, from summer 2009, holiday childcare service. Moreover, NKE actively encourages young women to access technical jobs. This year, two girls started their career life at NKE as technical apprentices. “Women advancement is socially and commercially rewarding. It’s a win-win situation for both employees and employers”, said Harald Zerobin, NKE technical managing director.