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Covid 19 - Statement on the current situation

. Nicole Roll

Following the recent measures to stem the global spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus), we are also managing this delicate situation with the greatest responsibility. Our top priority in these difficult times is to ensure the health and well-being of our employees.

To adapt to the current situation, we have made the following adjustments, among others:

  • A number of preventive measures have been introduced for all employees:
    • Rules of Conduct
    • Hygiene measures (disinfectants, etc.)
    • Minimum distance
    • Masks
  • All office employees are now working exclusively from home (home-office)

With a workforce that is adapted to the requirements and by ensuring the health-related measures for ouremployees, we can, from today's perspective, ensure the smooth continuation of our activities and thus maintain the usual level of service for our customers.

We also have sufficient stock to meet your current needs.

Due to the dynamics of this issue, we are reassessing the situation daily and will inform you immediately if anyfurther measures are required.

For further information, please contact your regular contact person and use your web shop access at

You are welcome to forward the statement below to your customers.

We are here for you - together we can do it!

Best regards

Stefan Weidmann
Sales Director