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NKE will build the new headquarters in industrial park Stadtgut Steyr

. Janet Mo

NKE AUSTRIA has decided to build the new plant in the industrial park Stadtgut Steyr. The new building will consist of 10,000 square metres building area and should be completed in May 2009. More than twelve million euro will be invested in the first development phase.

Due to the company’s fast expansion, the bearing manufacturer NKE AUSTRIA had started planning for the fourth extension on the existing site last year. However, considering the fact that the current location would pose certain limitations for the long-term development, NKE’s management decided to act according to the company’s motto “more possibilities” and to build a completely new production plant on the greenfield. After intensive negotiations with neighbouring communities and the city Steyr, NKE found a suitable lot of land in the industrial park Stadtgut Steyr.

“Eventually the soft facts have been determining for Steyr”, says Heimo Ebner, NKE’s Managing Director. “Seventy percent of our employees come from Steyr and the brand NKE is closely connected with Steyr.”

Now NKE has the access to a 35,000-square-metre lot and can hence secure long-term expansion plans. The first stage of extension will include a production hall (6,000 m²), an automatic high rack warehouse (1,300 m²) and an office/social building (3,000 m²). NKE will expand the workforce in Steyr from currently 140 people to about 230 in three to five years.