8th International Distributor Conference 2016

Créé par Nicole Roll | | Distributors

NKE Distributors’ Conference 2016 in Steyr, Austria: Synergies from partnership with Fersa Bearings

New General Manager of NKE Austria GmbH

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Thomas Witzler has taken over the position of General Manager of NKE Austria GmbH.

Rolling Bearings from NKE for Agricultural Machinery

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Rugged, reliable bearings are essential to ensure the reliable continuous operation of agricultural machinery in the field. Adverse environmental conditions – mud, dust, impacts, stone chippings and water – take their toll on machines and their components.

Great success for NKE at the Hanover Fair!

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NKE has participated in the Hannover Fair for the 8th time

NKE rolling bearings for industrial gearboxes

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NKE Austria offers rolling bearings for industrial gearboxes that meet the efficiency and reliability requirements of a wide range of sectors, such as general machinery, mining, material handling systems and heavy machinery.

NKE Austria receives award “Hidden Champion 3.0”

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NKE Austria GmbH has been awarded “Hidden Champion 3.0”. The ceremony took place at the Austrian Export Day of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce inVienna on June 24th 2014.

7th International NKE Distributor Conference 2014

Créé par Rene Hörwertner | | Distributors

Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH held its seventh Distributors’ Conference from the 22nd to 24th of May 2014. The conference was held in Linz, Austria and attended by 110 participants from 42 companies, 25 countries and four continents.

Durable and rugged under severe operating conditions

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Two application examples for DLC-coated bearing cages

In December 2013 Austrian bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH introduced cages for rolling bearings that are optimized for unfavourable operating conditions.

Bearings for electrical machinery – Rolling bearings from NKE keep motors and generators running

Créé par Denise Thalmann | | Product news

NKE AUSTRIA supplies a wide range of rolling bearings for electrical machinery, particularly motors and generators. The bearings manufactured by the specialist in Steyr are noted for their low running noise, efficient seals, high load ratings and long service life.

New bearing test rig for medium sized bearings at NKE Austria

Créé par Denise Thalmann | | Product news

NKE Austria GmbH has finished the commissioning of a new test rig for medium sized rolling bearings.

NKE at the Hannover Fair 2013

Créé par Julia Heidlmayr | | Fairs

This year at the Motion, Drive and Automation trade fair in Hannover, NKE Austria GmbH will exhibit rolling bearings for industrial gearboxes in various applications. Bearings from NKE are used for example in plant construction, materials handling, in rail vehicles, metal production and processing, mining, heavy machinery, and in the special application of wind energy systems.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management: NKE Austria is recertified to ISO and OHSAS

Créé par Janet Mo | | News

Austrian bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH has again passed the ISO audit in October 2012 and is now recertified to ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety. Certification and audits were performed by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), one of the world’s leading certification authorities.

New special coating from NKE: Cost effective protection against corrosion for bearings and components

Créé par Janet Mo | | Product news

For bearings and metal parts that are exposed directly to humid or corrosive environments, NKE AUSTRIA GmbH offers a special galvanic coating that provides cost effective protection against corrosion. The new and improved coating SQ171E is even thinner and provides longer-lasting protection against corrosion than the previous version.

NKE Distributors’ Conference 2012 in Baveno, Italy

Créé par Janet Mo | | Event

Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH held its sixth Distributors’ Conference from 31 May to 3 June 2012. Attended by 170 people from 30 countries, the conference was held in the town of Baveno at Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. Taking place every two years, the event provides NKE’s global business partners with a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas.

NKE Bearings publishes new General Catalogue

Créé par Janet Mo | | Product news

Bearing specialist NKE Austria has published its new General Catalogue. With more than 1000 pages the fifth edition of the bearings catalogue contains comprehensive information in both English and German for industrial distributors as well as engineers and designers. The catalogue is available free of charge in print form or as a download from www.nke.at/catalogue.

NKE AUSTRIA appoints authorised signatories

Créé par Nicole Roll | | News

NKE AUSTRIA GmbH appointed two authorised signatories (Prokuristen) for the company. Dipl.-Ing. Gunnar Simm is currently Head of Engineering, and Mag. Thomas Witzler, M.Sc. is Head of Human Resources for the Steyr-based bearing manufacturer.

NKE develops bearing unit for pump applications

Créé par Janet Mo | | Product news

In collaboration with a large pump maker, NKE has developed a new modular system for the bearing arrangements to rationalise a whole pump generation. The bearing solution simplifies mounting and handling therefore reduces costs.

NKE joins Research Association Power Transmission Engineering FVA

Créé par Janet Mo | | News

In July 2011 bearing manufacturer NKE AUSTRIA GmbH became a member of Frankfurt-based research association Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. (FVA). In joining the network, which focuses on research all around the power transmission, NKE aims to participate in the member organisations’ joint research activities and to gain additional research capacity for developing new products and technologies.

New department heads for Production and Quality Management

Créé par Janet Mo | | News

NKE AUSTRIA GmbH has appointed two new department heads as of May: Friedrich Blum is the new Head of Production while Wolfgang Gastner takes up the position of Head of Quality Management.

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