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NKE starts construction of a new production hall

. Janet Mo

NKE AUSTRIA started construction of a new 1,600-square-metre production hall. The new extension, which is scheduled to complete in September this year, will further enhance NKE’s production capacity, especially in cylindrical roller bearings.

NKE’s existing building in Steyr was built in 1999. After the expansion in 2003 and the current extension, the NKE headquarters will consist of 4,600 square metres of building area, including 3,200 square metres for production and warehouse.

“To cope with our rapid growth o­n marketplace, we have to expand our capacities constantly – both in terms of physical premises and human resources,” said Heimo Ebner, the company’s Managing Director.

Due NKE’s rapid growth, the company’s total building area is expected to be more than doubled by 2015.