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NKE special coating for bearings – RoHS compliant and cost effective protection against corrosion

. Janet Mo

For bearings and metal parts exposed directly to humid or corrosive environments, NKE Austria GmbH offers a special coating solution that provides a simple and cost effective protection against corrosion.

NKE’s coating can be used for all parts exposed to corrosive environments and provides reliable protections against water, condensation, weakly alkaline and weakly acidic cleaning agents. The new coating technology is Cr(VI) free and is therefore compliant with the RoHS Directive. Typical applications include materials handling, food processing and agricultural machinery.

The SQ171 coating can be applied on standard or special bearings to guarantee a significantly longer service life compared to uncoated parts. The thin coating of about 8 µm ensures interchangeability of coated and uncoated parts. Due to the plating process by trivalent chrome passivation the coating contains no toxic hexavalent chrome or Cr(VI) – a material banned by the RoHS Directive. The SQ171 coating has been tested with the neutral salt spray test method in accordance with DIN 50021. Compared to other anti-corrosion methods such as stainless steel, NKE’s SQ171 coating offers outstanding anti-corrosion protection at relatively low cost.