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NKE AUSTRIA nimmt am Girls' Day teil

. Janet Mo

On 24 April 2008, Girls' Day is taking place and NKE AUSTRIA is also taking part. Two girls spend this day in the company and will get to know different apprenticeship professions and experience the production processes of rolling bearings.

In Upper Austria, the international campaign day Girls' Day is already being held for the eighth time, on which schoolgirls are allowed to work in technical and craft enterprises.

The aim is to pave the way for girls and young women into a professional world that is often considered "atypical for women". Girls' Day is intended to help reduce the imbalance between men and women in terms of professional opportunities and income.

Girls' Day is an initiative of the Upper Austrian Minister for Women's Affairs, Dr Silvia Stöger, and the Upper Austrian Office for Women's Affairs in cooperation with the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the Upper Austrian Regional School Board, the Upper Austrian Public Employment Service, the Upper Austrian Federation of Industry, the Upper Austrian Youth Department, the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions and the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour.

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